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What it means to go Green FOR OUR CUSTOMERS


*It is important that our customers have all green and energy efficient options. All of our materials and appliances have a green option. We offer Energy Star Appliances, such as fryers, steamers, broilers, griddles and ovens.

 *Energy Star Refrigeration- These models have better insulation and use almost half as much energy as older models.

*Chose refrigerators with R-410 refrigerant, instead of Freon. Freon depletes the ozone layer; R-410 is the alternative to this refrigerant and does not damage the ozone layer.

*Energy Star appliances can save up to 25% on energy.

*It is important that customers update their equipment. The newer the equipment the more energy efficient it will be. This means less energy used, a decrease in their energy bill, and ultimately more reliable products and appliances.

*We will do our best to make sure our customers do not buy over sized or undersized products. Having appropriately sized appliances means less waste in energy. Oversized products use more energy than what is needed and undersized are over worked. This mean using more energy then a properly sized appliance, increasing your energy bill, raising carbon emissions, and depleting fossil fuels.

  *With TEC our customers will be the most efficient kitchens and business in the Puget sound.