Going Green


Lets Go Green!

What does it mean to go green?

Going green is defined as making more environmentally friendly decisions such as to “reduce, reuse and recycle.”

Reasons for Going Green


Going green is a lifestyle, it is not always the easiest but going green has so many positive effects on local communities.

Going green allows for healthier living, less pollution, sustainable living, and preservation of our mother earth.

We must take steps to go green in order to stop animal extinction, limit deforestation, halt global warming and cease the existence of harsh landfills which cause pollution and harsh chemicals to into our bodies and into the atmosphere.

Great ways to go green in our daily life are to:

  • Switch light bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps and start recycling.
  • Recycle and buy recycled products.
  • Buying energy star products
  • Quit using old appliances and adopt newer, more energy efficient appliances

How TEC Plans To Go Green


TEC understands the importance of going green to make our local communities cleaner, brighter, and more efficient.

Green choices can be made when choosing even the smallest of items.

We plan to use only LED lighting in our office. LED lights have a much longer life span than conventional bulbs.

The LED has on average 100,000 operational hours in comparison to as compared to 5,000 in conventional bulbs. LEDs also reduce power consumption. LED circuit can achieve as high as 80% energy efficiency. This means lower energy bills, and less energy used resulting in a greener earth.

Additionally we always recycle, use recycled paper, and are not afraid to use recycled paper towels, or any other office supply.

Eventually our fleet will be going green. By 2022 we plan on having started a transition to all hybrid vehicles. This means less use of fossil fuels and less damage to the environment.